Heavy security deployment at MCD headquarters for Delhi mayoral poll

In preparation for the upcoming mayoral poll, authorities have heightened security measures within the Municipal House and on the premises of the Civic Centre in Delhi.

Civil defence personnel, including female members, have been deployed to the House chamber, while a heavy presence of paramilitary force has been stationed at the Civic Centre headquarters of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

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Following a Supreme Court order, the election for a new mayor is set to take place after multiple delays since the high-stakes civic polls in Delhi. The election will also include posts for deputy mayor and six members of the standing committee. After three failed attempts to hold elections to the top post, Delhi Lt Governor VK Saxena has given the green light to convene the municipal House for the mayoral election.

The Supreme Court had ordered the convening of the meeting and the fixing of the election date for the mayor, deputy mayor, and members of the standing committee of the civic body.

The ruling Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) mayoral candidate Shelly Oberoi moved the plea to conduct the election early, which prompted the court to issue the order.

The previous meetings of the newly elected 250-member MCD House were adjourned due to chaos and protests from AAP councillors.

With heightened security measures in place, the authorities are hoping for a smooth election process for the much-awaited mayoral post in Delhi.

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