10 Best Amazing Online Mortgage lenders in US!

Online mortgage lenders are growing in popularity as current and prospective homeowners turn to an easy digital mortgage experience. However, not all borrowers are suitable for the online mortgage approval process.

What Is an Online Mortgage Loan and Why should I Apply?

An online mortgage loan allows you to complete the home loan application and approval process digitally. Getting a mortgage online makes sense if you’re willing to provide your personal information electronically and have good credit, a steady income, and a modest financial situation.

An online mortgage is a home loan you can get from a lender without ever setting foot in a physical office. Also known as a digital mortgage, the entire experience from loan application to closing can be done electronically.

Online Mortgage Loan

In 2019, more than 95,000 borrowers took out mortgages online, more than 500% more than the previous year. Online mortgage transactions include digital signatures on closing documents and promissory notes. Most lenders, including local banks and credit unions, offer the option of applying for a mortgage online.

Other companies, like Better.com or Guaranteed Rate, present themselves as online mortgage lender, which means they can finance your entire loan online without a single phone call or meeting.

Are Online Mortgages Cheaper?

Many people think it’s cheaper to get an online mortgage because online mortgage companies spend less on building and advertising overheads.

However, while institutional banks may choose to compete based on the amount they are depositing in the bank, personal mortgage lenders may choose to There is an opportunity to lower interest rates and costs. FHA Loans to Win.

Ultimately, all lenders still spend money pitching, processing, and closing loans. However, online lenders have several operational advantages that help borrowers save money.

The primary benefit is automating the loan process and some underwriting activities, reducing the time it takes to approve and complete loans.

With rapid loan redemptions, especially in a low-interest-rate environment, online borrowers reap the economic benefits of refinancing sooner than those with traditional mortgages.

Why Should You Take an Online Mortgage?

  • Need fast online mortgage approval? A 2018 study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that online lending technology reduced mortgage processing times by 10 days between 2010 and 2016.
  • If you’re in a bidding war, faster online mortgage approvals can help you compete with other offers.
  • Another benefit: the shorter the fixed rate term, the better your rate, making an online mortgage quote more competitive than a traditional bank quote.
  • You don’t want to provide too many financial documents.
  • Depending on your credit score and the type of loan you’re applying for, online mortgage lenders may use automated processes to gather information about your income, checking, and savings.
  • This can significantly reduce the number of items needed on a mortgage documentation checklist. You can electronically sign a closing document.
  • Some online mortgage lenders offer virtual signatures, which means you can sign the closing documents from your home or anywhere that’s convenient for you.

The pros and cons of getting a mortgage online


  • The faster approval process for highly qualified borrowers Ability to check your loan status anytime with a mobile app or laptop
  • Closing documents can be signed electronically with selected lenders
  • Ability to complete the process with little or no paperwork


  • Inability to meet your loan team in person
  • Many people may be involved with your loan throughout the process
  • Getting approved for mortgages online can be more difficult if you have an unstable work history or poor credit
  • Financial information is at risk of being stolen or hacked.

Here’s how the online mortgage approval process works

Apply for mortgage

Although the process can vary from lender to lender, getting approved for a mortgage online usually means that:

  1. Find mortgage lenders online. To start your search for the best online mortgage company, ask family and friends for advice or search online for a lender.
  2. The rule of thumb is to research mortgage rates and loan terms with three to five lenders to make sure you’re getting the best deal.
  3. Applied for a mortgage online. You’ll need your Social Security number along with basic financial information, such as the last two years of work experience and a reasonable estimate of your current assets and monthly liabilities.
  4. The more specific your online application is, the stronger your online mortgage approval will be.
  5. Lenders are usually notified immediately after completing an online loan application, and some can issue an automatic approval decision within minutes of reviewing your information.
  6. Verify and electronically sign your loan information. Online lenders must post the loan estimate along with other initial loan information within three business days of the application.
  7. Be sure to check the numbers to make sure they match the first purchase offer. If all goes well, you’ll sign the information electronically and the lender will officially begin processing your application for final approval.
  8. Track loan applications on the online loan portal.
  9. After applying for a mortgage online, you will be asked to upload all your financial documents and provide information to an online mortgage lender to underwrite and ultimately approve your loan.
  10. Some lenders offer digital apps that allow you to track the progress of your loan at any time on your mobile device.
  11. Learn about verifiable information online. During this step, the lender will ask for your consent to verify your income directly with your employer. They may also ask for checking and savings account information to check your balance.
  12. Close your loan digitally. Some lenders offer the option of electronic or online closing. Some online mortgage companies perform electronic settlement in one of three ways:
  13. Online Remote Notary Signature. Join a video conference, then review and sign your documents electronically. Wet flag and closure.
  14. This includes combining a personal handwritten signature (using a pen) and an electronic signature on certain documents. personal electronic signatures of the notary public. Known as an IPEN, you will personally sign all loan documents electronically, usually using a tablet or other mobile device.

Best Online Mortgage Lenders

LenderNerdWallet ratingMin. credit scoreMin. down paymentLearn more
Ally Bank: NMLS#1810054.5/5Best for first-time home buyers6203%LEARN MOREat Ally Bank
New American Funding: NMLS#66064.5/5Best for FHA loans6203%LEARN MOREat New American Funding
NASB: NMLS#4000394.5/5Best for VA loans5800%LEARN MOREat NASB
Better: NMLS#3305115.0/5Best for refinancing620N/ALEARN MOREat Better
Pennymac: NMLS#359534.5/5Best for first-time home buyers6203%LEARN MOREat Pennymac
Carrington: NMLS#26004.5/5Best for FHA loans6205%READ REVIEW
Wells Fargo: NMLS#3998014.5/5Best for digital convenience6203%READ REVIEW
Golden 1 Credit Union: NMLS#6693334.5/5Best for digital convenience6203%READ REVIEW
San Diego County Credit Union: NMLS#5805855.0/5Best for digital convenienceN/A5%READ REVIEW

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